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I have been photographing birds/wildlife since 2006.  My wife suggested I take up a hobby (she has regretted it ever since) and I had been interested in wildlife photography when I was younger but could never afford the equipment.  I therefore brought a Fuji Finepix s5500 and a 1.5 screw converter and off I went.  I started with birds in the back garden and spent time at my local reserves where I met some great wildlife photographers who were very happy to give advice.  This fuelled my interest and I upgraded my equipement (unfortunately for those that get the bug this becomes a bit of an (expensive) obsession).  I now use Canon equipment.  

Finding time to get into the field can be hard and I have not done much in the last 2 years but I try to get out when I can.

I enjoy both portrait and action photography.  For portrait work I tend to use the Canon 50D.  The 1.6x crop give that extra bit of magnification and I find the 9 autofocus points really easy to use and very accurate (using the Canon 500mm f4 lens with the 1.4x converter and 1.6x camera crop give me 1120mm focual length at f5.6).  I have set the camera autofocus points to be changed with the thumb stick as this is really quick when you need to change focus point in a hurry.  I did/do use this camera for flight work and you can get good results but I always keep the camera on centre point as I do not find all 9 active works very well.

For flight work the 1D mark 3 is the one to use.  The focus is lightning fast and accurate and and my hit rate went up quickly when I purchased this camera.  The image quality is super and the noise at higher ISO is very low. 

I recently purchased a Fuji compact and an underwater housing and tried some underwater photography on holiday this year.  Mixed results but I have posted my first attempts on the site.

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I recently visited Gigrin farm in Powys to see the Red Kite Feeding Station.  A fantastic spectacle with over 100 Red Kites and Buzzards feeding for nearly 2 hours.  The birds were so close I had to take my 1.4x converter off my 500mm lens.  I took over 700 photo's,  see the best in my Red Kite and Buzzard folders.

Kestrels are one of my favourite birds. So compact and neat and I just love their small faces.

I wanted a kingfisher for a long time and this one turned up out of the blue in front of the hide.

See more shots of this beautiful bird in my Barn Owl Folder.

Red Kite swooping in to take some food, Gigrin Farm 2008.


The Ringed Plover was taken on a beach in Norfolk.  We sat quietly at the seafront and waited and gradulally the birds came close.  A low viewpoint helps with the shot.  Taken with the Canon 40D which is great for portrait work.  I do try to get the eye sharp for these shots.

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